Missing Testimony!!!!!!!

If you were the DA, and you had a witness that saw the person that committed the crime in town the day of the crime, wouldn't you call that man to testify?

Then what if that same man, that didn't testify, received $12,000 in reward money for his hand in the conviction.

No more what if 's:

Corky Rozier received $12,000 to keep his mouth shut.

Let's not forget Corky was once involved with his daughter in insurance fraud.

His daughter was also in charge of the evidence room when all of the evidence in this case was LOST.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vanzola Williams


Helen Umphrey said...

Vanzola could positively remember what the killer looked like after glimpsing him for 3 seconds(after 18 years) but, couldn't remember a hearing she went to in Woodbine 2 years before the trial? I read the transcripts of the witness interviews that Joe Gregory and Butch Kennedy did immediately after the murders and none of them could agree on the description of the man. Some said he had light colored hair, some said he had black hair and one even said he had red hair. Some said he had no facial hair and some said he had a beard. BUT THEY CAN REMEMBER EXACTLY 18 YEARS LATER? ARE THESE RELIABLE WITNESSES? I THINK NOT!!!

fla native said...

Vanzola Wlliams also picked Donnie Barrentine 2 weeks after the murders in a line up in Jacksonville, Fla , and what gave him away, was the snake skin boots he wore, the killer was identified on the snake skin boots he wore. You see your worst wittness, is an eyewittness.