Missing Testimony!!!!!!!

If you were the DA, and you had a witness that saw the person that committed the crime in town the day of the crime, wouldn't you call that man to testify?

Then what if that same man, that didn't testify, received $12,000 in reward money for his hand in the conviction.

No more what if 's:

Corky Rozier received $12,000 to keep his mouth shut.

Let's not forget Corky was once involved with his daughter in insurance fraud.

His daughter was also in charge of the evidence room when all of the evidence in this case was LOST.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vandora Baker's Testimony


Helen Umphrey said...

Why is it that Van Baker is the only one that "remembers" that the killer came all the way into the church? All the rest of them said he stuck his head in? She also contradicted Williams testimony saying she "left" at 20 minutes til nine and Williams said she left at 5 minutes til nine? Another thing..I wonder why she ended up knowing so much after she told me" she didn't know nothing"?

Anonymous said...

If you could read her first interview where she described what she saw(which was nothing) and then you read her testimony in court( 18 years later), it's like night and day. She couldn't give an accurate description of the killer right after it happened but 18 years later..of course with a lot of coaching from Johnson, Smith and Bundy...she knew exactly who he was...AMAZING, HUH?